About or What is up

Who is handing out this unabashed advice on everything from spiritual transmutation the secrets of rolling a tight joint? Who has the temerity to converse as though they had the experience necessary to hand out these prudent recommendations.

Bernard T. Windwillow

I am from the generation named “War Babies” I was born eight months before the Nazis surrendered. And a year before Fascist Japan surrendered. There were widespread shortages of fresh food, gasoline, and sundry goods. I was seven years old prior to having a TV in my home. We called a local switchboard to get connected to another household by the telephone. There were no supermarkets where I lived. We ate vegetables from the garden or those which we canned and put by in the pantry. The milk came from a cow and was pasteurized in the back kitchen. Our meat came from ruminant animals, both wild and domesticated. There was also the occasional hog that was usually cured for ham, bacon, and picnic shoulder.